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Wednesday, 21st September 2016
THEEB (Jordan/UK/United Arab Emirates/Qatar/Switzerland, 2013, “15”). Shot on the locations used by David Lean for “Lawrence of Arabia”, this visually magnificent film is the tale of a Bedouin boy named Theeb whose very life is endangered when helping strangers in accordance with tribal customs in the dangerous days of 1916. “It’s classical muscular storytelling, heart-stoppingly tense at points and boasts landscapes to fight for. ****” - Charlotte O’Sullivan, Evening Standard. more

Wednesday, 5th October 2016
MARGUERITE (France/Czech Republic/Belgium, 2015, “15”). Accept no substitute: this period tale derived from the life story of the socialite Florence Foster Jenkins who was determined to sing may have been transposed to France in the 1920s but is definitely the version to see. Catherine Frot won the César award for Best Actress and the film, also praised by British critics, was a huge hit in France. “Catherine Frot is sensational, offering up a subtle, often heartbreaking, performance*****” – Benjamin Lee, The Guardian. more

Wednesday, 19th October 2016
ANOMALISA (USA, 2015. “15”). One of the most acclaimed of all recent films, this quite extraordinary work created by Charlie Kaufman is about two needy people drawn together sexually. It uses puppet figures but they seem totally human as voiced by David Thewlis and Jennifer Jason Leigh. “A work of genius. *****” – David Sexton, Evening Standard. “As riveting as any thriller. Unique and extraordinary work. *****” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian more

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016
LOCKE (UK/USA, 2013, “15”). Tom Hardy, one of the finest actors of his generation, achieves a tour-de-force here as a man facing a crisis in his life but determined to face it in a principled way. “One of the most nail-biting thrillers of the year. Hardy’s work is extraordinary. ****” – Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016
PALIO (Italy/UK, 2014, “12A”). Cosima Spender’s film about the famous horse race in Sienna was arguably the best film released here in 2015. Magnificently shot in ’Scope and colour it demands to be seen on the big screen, plays as a wholly involving drama and gives remarkable insight into the Italian character. “Astoundingly tense. ****” – Charlotte O’Sullivan, Evening Standard. “A handsome-looking film” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. more
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